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  • Puput Putiandini

    Puput Putiandini

    I will write a lot about relationships, self love, gender and sex education in the form of poetry, short stories and essays

  • Eszter Brhlik

    Eszter Brhlik

    Sustainability, Sex-education, Writing, Philosophy

  • Amanda West

    Amanda West

    Data Scientist & M.S. from UVA. Putting the elation in relational database management. I draw pretty graphs. 🌈 amawest.bio.link/

  • José Cage

    José Cage

    Web developer focusing on creating project that really matter or help somebody.

  • Ariel Mejia Dev

    Ariel Mejia Dev

    Fullstack Web/Mobile Developer and Laravel enthusiast.

  • Kishan Bhatt

    Kishan Bhatt

    Full Stack Laravel Developer

  • Perttu Lähteenlahti

    Perttu Lähteenlahti

    👨‍💻 Developer & Designer | 💻 Swift, React, React Native | ✍️ lahteenlahti.com | building better 💤 at nyxo.app

  • Taylor Otwell

    Taylor Otwell

    Creator of Laravel.

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