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Preact is one of the React alternative frameworks that you should try in your project. The reason is that this framework offers great performance with its smaller bundle size. It’s a lightweight framework that makes its syntax more simple and straightforward to use. And because its bundle size is smaller than React, your users will download fewer JavaScript codes to parse and execute it. There are some comparisons out there between React and Preact, and the result was, as we might guess, the Preact bundle size was up to 78% smaller and had 17% faster performance than React.

If you’re…

As a web developer, we’ll be always working with the team. We want to make sure that our codes have the prettier standard and minimalizing bugs pushed into our git repository. As we already know, we can do those implementations using CI/CD to test our app before the deployment happens. But the question is, can we make that automation run locally whenever developers pushed the codes into the git? So we’re sure that every code that is pushed by developers is bug-free and also has prettier standardization.

We can create & implement these git hooks using the Husky library in…

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Every web developer has its own style when it comes to writing codes. It’s the same if we’re working using the Laravel framework where everything is in place but usually we misused the terminology here. It’s fine when it comes to different styles, but we must make sure that our codes follow the good style. This means that our codes have to be scalable, maintainable, and testable.

What makes our codes become a bad or good one? Well, because PHP is an OOP language, then we should follow the OOP principle such as the SOLID principle and consider using the…

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WebSocket is a bidirectional TCP communication protocol between the client & server. What makes it different from HTTP is WebSocket can establish & maintain communication between the client and server until one of them terminate the communication. While HTTP protocol doesn’t do that. HTTP doesn’t maintain the communication so whenever a request comes from the client, the connection will get established and will get terminated later after the server sent back a response.

The question is, can we create our own WebSocket? Well, there are WebSocket hosted services out there so actually we don’t need to build the WebSocket by…

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As web developers, sometimes we want to monitor our websites. We want to make sure that the website doesn’t have deadlinks or pages that didn’t return success. Of course, there are a lot of tools out there that can help us achieve that, but, can we make the tools by ourselves?

We can build our own Crawler project using the Spatie package, where, as it is the name, will automatically crawl every link that our web has. The package also has callbacks if anything failed or succeeds when doing the crawling. It’s so useful for us to build our own…

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As a PHP developer, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks amongst web developers. With Laravel, developers are already provided with a lot of features/functions that we can use to build our next great app. And the good thing about Laravel is because they have a very great community. We can easily find forums as well as Laravel communities if we need some answers with Something. Because it has a very big community, Laravel continuously updates & upgrades its versions so we have the most edge-tech technology.

On September 8, 2019, Laravel released version 8 that comes with…

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In Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), we rely on the concept of objects/classes where everything inside of it is an object. It’s kind of useful because it’s similar to the way we live where everything is an object. With the OOP paradigm, our codes will be much easier to maintain, understand, and tends to be reusable.

When working in OOP, we’ll usually follow the S.O.L.I.D principle. The principle working greatly with the OOP programming because it’ll make our codes better in every way, and we can maximize the potential of OOP. …

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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks to be used today. Using Laravel, everything is working seamlessly. Because most of the features that we may need for building the app are already provided by Laravel.

However, be aware of all of these features. Because everything is working great, sometimes we don’t even think about the performance that our app may have. We may not be using the OOP properly or maybe we select the wrong technique when building the app. So here, based on my experience, there are several things that we should not do in our Laravel…

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Building a complex application will be a challenge for every web developer. Complex apps mean a lot of features that we need to build and maintain at the same time. We don’t want to build a new feature that accidentally broke the other features, that may happen in our experience. That’s why testing classes or unit tests are required for all of the web projects, to make sure that everything is running as expected. Nothing is broken as we made any changes inside of it.

Based on my experiences, not many developers consider this issue is important. Usually, because of…

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When we’re talking about building a website for a company/start-up, we must make a decision on what technology we should use. A lot of considerations will take place, starts from the security, speed/performance, resources, scalability, and so on. And today, there are a huge number of website frameworks out there, so the question is, what framework meets your needs?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks with 65k+ stars. What makes Laravel is so popular is because it has an abundance of features that will help us to build the website. Laravel can be used to create a…

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